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Side Saddle Association, Area 10 - Autumn Show 2015

Sunday 11th October was a great day at the Fortune Centre for Riding Therapy hosting the Side Saddle Association Area 10's Autumn Show for 2015. There was some serious riding, some fun, and even a little sunshine... outside at least! Here are the photographs in three galleries:

Ridden Classes

Four or five photographs of each entrant taken through the day. Every rider looked great always and we have tried to catch those extra great moments!

Jumping, Lead Rein & Costume

Same again just from those classes... we hope we've done you proud!


Smiles, Rosettes and Portraits... So much concentration while being judged, it is great to see folks relax and smile when the prizes come out :-) You can see we have a special interest in Horse & Rider Portraiture and a reportage style of photography... even if it's just in the 30 second gap while riders escape the arena into the sunshine again!

A couple of notes:

1. We missed Class 8 Concours d'Elegance... so hugely sorry about that.

2. In the Editorial gallery you'll see a variety of different colour process techniques (B&W, natural colour, vintage etc.). We have chosen what we think worked well but any of them can be applied to any photograph.. if you'd like to see a particular picture with a different process please just let us know.

We hope that you enjoy the photographs very much and look forward to seeing everyone again soon. All the best, Jackie & Jamie  :-)

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